Hudsons Travel

represent a carefully curated collection of luxury travel destinations. Based in Dubai, their international client base covers numerous locations including Sri Lanka, South Africa, Paris, Morocco, Kenya & Mauritius.

Project details

In 2016 we collaborated with Hudsons Travel to create a brand and digital platform for the business, enabling them to showcase the services they offer to their international client base.

We were tasked with creating a new brand for the business that was both simple and timeless - a brand that would happily sit alongside some of the top travel destinations in the world.


We created a simple monogram, based around the company founders initials, that is both simple and timeless. This has been used across a multitude of promotional collateral.


In a world where contacts are everything, the website serves as a secondary sales tool, bolstering the services the business is able to offer and showcasing their current client list.